Back in 2010, when I was going to esthetics school, I fell in love with lashes the first time I tried them. But back then, the products we had available at our school were not ideal and turned a lot of the other students in my class away from the unparalleled opportunity that lash extensions can provide.


Ever since then I've made it my prerogative to develop and invent the highest quality products that make lashing easier for the lash artist, and healthier for the natural lash. Our goal is to supply product and education that enables both beginners and advanced artists to truly thrive and enjoy what they do. We believe that setting your students up for success with this career path all starts in the classroom, and having the right tools available. 


The opportunity to provide the eyelash extension product kits for your students in this portion of their schooling would be an honor. Please reach out with any questions you may have about the mission of LASHBOMB, or our product line. 

- Jill Kindall | Founder of Lashbomb

Lashbomb School Kit $125 

- Lashbomb Palette (Right or Left Handed)

- 5ml Bomb Diggity Adhesive

- Primer

- Keratin Infused Crystal Sealer

- Gel Remover

- 2 Classic Tweezers (Straight & Angled)

- 2 Trays of Classic Eyelash Extensions (C .18 8-11MM / C .18 12-15MM)

- Microfiber Swabs (100 ct)

- Lash Wands (50 ct)

- Red Battery Operated Fan

- 6 Eye Pads 

- 1 roll of tape 

- Makeup Bag


Volume Add On (Optional) $45

- 2 Trays of Volume Eyelash Extensions (C .07 8-11MM / C .07 12-15MM)

- 5ml Bottle of Bombs Away Adhesive 

- Silver Premier Mini Tweezer

*Substitutions can be made upon request.

Additional Resources Include: 

An Introduction video from the owner, Jill explaining 

- What comes in their kit & how to care for each item 

- Adhesive 101 

- The Lashbomb Method & why it works 

Trainee Discount of 15% off our products for life! 

Access to our Customer Support Team for Product Questions/Troubleshooting

Start your student's Lash Career off with a BANG! 

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If you do not have a dedicated trainer for your institution, we would be happy to assist you in finding and certifying one in your area. Please note that in the form above when you make your request. 


With any additional questions, please reach out to us anytime! 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 801-707-7196.