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Learn to Lash Efficiently. Every Second Counts.

Jill has mastered the art of lashing quickly and effectively without compromising the quality of her work or her retention.  She broke the process of lashing down to the seconds, and figured out how she could save 3 seconds per lash. That translated to saving 30 minutes per appointment, which translated to freeing up 2-4 hours a day that she could then use to make more money. 
This course is for lash artists who have already had introductory training who are looking to revolutionize their career by increasing their speed and enhancing the quality of their work.
Learn the Time Tamer Method today, so you can increase your ease, efficiency, and most importantly start making more money.
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LASHBOMB was founded in 2013 by Jill Kindall. She is always dreaming of new ways to make the procedure of applying eyelash extensions easier for the lash artist and healthier for the client's natural lash. She is well known in the industry for being extremely efficient - and averaging one hour for a Full Set of .03 Mega Volume Lashes with 99.9% coverage and amazing retention. She has been regarded as an anomaly for the speed in which she can lash, and the quality of the sets she produces is never compromised by that speed.

Jill has been lashing an average of 10-13 clients a day, 6-7 days a week for the better part of a decade, all while running her multiple seven figure product line and developing new inventions that make lashing easier. She has trained hundreds of lash artists across the nation on her unique lash method - and all of the feedback she has received is that once they learn her method, they shave a minimum of 30 minutes off their time almost immediately, sometimes more. 

Jill is always looking for ways to give back to the lashing community, and empower individuals by educating them how to make a living for themselves in the lash industry. 

In 2021, we launched Time Tamer, the Online Course dedicated to divulging the best kept secrets for efficient lashing and higher earnings. We welcome all to the LASHBOMB family no matter their experience, knowledge, or background.